Remember The Titan


Hi all. I talk to some of you in the past few weeks. Curious people who are willing to know more about Big Data. As I put in the blog, various technologies in Big Data, there are myriad technologies to implement Big Data.

Some of you asked not to just post the good technology that I personally user or tried that actually works. But it is also important if I post a technology that doesn’t work or technology that still need improvement for better and easier use.

I think this is a good idea. Again, this is not demoting a technology nor  black campaign. This is merely to tell about some of my unpleasant experience when using some Big Data technology. I will point out what kind of improvement that can take place to improve the technology.

OK the first one is about Titan. In some of my preious posts I mentioned about it. Titan is a graph database. Titan is unique in the sense that it requires other database to store the graph. Unlike other graph database, e.g. Neo4J, who have their own data storage. Titan was built by Aurelius which is now bought by Datastax.

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A Fling on Apache Flink


This post is about an exciting new technology in Big Data. It is relatively very new and I honestly just heard of it few days ago. It is about Apache Flink. For those of you who are just like me before few days ago I will give you a brief definition about Apache Flink. Apache Flink is the competitor of Apache Spark.

After Spark ‘defeated’ map-reduce when it appears on the big data market few years ago, practically Spark is unchallenged in the data processing of Big Data. It has become the de facto solution for data processing. But now it has a competitor, Apache Flink.

So what is this new Apache Flink that seems exciting about?

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